Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Learning New Skills

To those who might be wondering where I've disappeared to - yes, I am still out here, just not blogging much lately! Between shoveling snow, taking the boys ski pants and boots on and off and on and off and (you get the picture!) and having a wee bit of a nasty virus last week, I just haven't had a burning desire to hop on the computer and create a post.

What I've been trying to get in the mood for, is to get started on my goal of making friends with my sewing machine. So far, not much luck! I am at a bit of a disadvantage as I don't have a spot where I can set up the machine and leave it out (although that's really no excuse). I have a number of projects I would like to work on, so it's not like I have no motivation. And yet, here it is the end of February already and I haven't gotten it together!

I think one reason why a lot of people find living more frugally such a challenge is that it often calls upon us to learn new skills, and while that can be fun, it can also be intimidating or overwhelming. For some reason, I was a lot less resistant to trying some new things in the garden last spring than I have been so far to working on improving my sewing skills. I wonder why that is?? It's really not that big a deal to try something new - the worst thing that can happen is that it might not work out, and you'll have learned a bit about what *not* to do. I need to keep this in mind as I convince myself to finally get down to business and pull out the darn sewing machine already!

I hope to report on some progress in this department by next week. I'd love to hear any tips or suggestions anyone has for sewing newbies like me!

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