Wednesday, April 25, 2012

5 Kitchen Tools I *DON'T* Own

I cook three meals a day from scratch and have even written a cookbook. To say that I spend a good deal of time in the kitchen would hardly be an exaggeration. Most people who know how much I cook would probably be surprised to find out how much of a kitchen minimalist I am; I don't like to keep a lot of unnecessary equipment hanging around and cluttering things up. Multi-purpose tools are what I'm all about and I try to avoid anything that serves only one function (my waffle maker being the only exception that comes to mind).

You really don't need a lot of bulky, expensive equipment to cook a whole lot of great food. Here are five tools I get by without just fine:

1. Microwave: When our microwave died several years ago, we made the decision not to replace it and have never looked back. You can read about how and why we decided to go microwave-free here.

2. Bread maker: We make almost all our bread from scratch, but I've never felt tempted to acquire a bread maker. I really enjoy kneading dough by hand, and with my handy refrigerator dough recipe, making bread is super convenient (and I can make up to three loaves at once if I need to).

3. Yogurt maker: I used to have one of these (I received it as a gift). I found I got very inconsistent results with it, and as a result, I came up with my own yogurt incubation method that uses basic items you already have around the house. Not only do I get much more consistent results than I ever did with a yogurt maker, all of the items used to create my "incubator" can be used for other purposes when I'm not making yogurt.

4. Popcorn popper: This is another appliance we used to have and decided we didn't need to replace after it died. We now make stovetop popcorn in our trusty saucepan - and it's the best popcorn ever!

5. Rice cooker: We make rice just fine in our saucepan, eliminating the need for yet another bulky appliance.

Are you a kitchen minimalist, too? What tools do YOU think are unnecessary in your kitchen?

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  1. I only have the bread maker and the microwave and I barely use them. Could probably do without. Think I may have to try out the bread recipe!


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