Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ten Camping-Friendly Recipes from My Book

Our family has gone on at least one camping trip every summer since our youngest was in diapers. I've come to believe that spending a week in the woods at least once a year is one of the keys to good mental health :) Right now we're in the midst of getting ready to leave on this year's trip, so I thought I'd share some of our favourite recipes from my book that are camping-friendly.

I have some friends who enjoy the challenge of cooking gourmet-level dishes while they're on camping trips, but I much prefer to keep things as simple as possible. This is my *week off* from the daily demands of family food prep! Here are a few recipes from Cheap Appétit that lend themselves well to camp cooking (my recommendations assume that you have, at minimum, a cooler to keep perishables in, so most of these are probably not suitable for backwoods, hiking-in-with-a-backpack types of excursions).


(pack the ground beef frozen and it will stay good for a day or two in a cooler)

Breakfast Burritos (p. 103)

 (again, pack the chicken frozen and plan to have this meal in the first couple of days of your trip)
Parmesan & Herb Pasta and Sauce (p. 196)
(an easy to make side dish to serve with Lime & Garlic Chicken)

I will not be posting again until after we return from our trip at the beginning of August, so hopefully even if you're not planning on going camping any time soon, you'll feel inspired to try one or more of these recipes while I'm gone!

Do you have a tried-and-true favourite camping meal to share with us?

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  1. Not up to camping this year, and I will miss it. But, if necessary to get a hint of the out of doors while consuming ANY of thes erecipes, but in particular the lime chicken, I will hold an umbrella over my head on the patio !!! Wow, yummers!!!



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