Monday, April 12, 2010

A Satisfying Start to Yard Sale Season

Saturday was one of my most looked-forward-to days of the year: the official start of yard sale shopping season!! My neighbour two doors down had a big yard sale (he's moving) and while I didn't find anything there, my dh (who went before me) found a new handsaw and a baseball glove for my younger son. He paid a total of five dollars. Both of these items were on our list of things we were hoping to find; the baseball glove was particularly pleasing since my son's a lefty and that makes it harder to find him a glove.

My next stop was the rummage sale at a local church. I've been to rummage sales at this church in the past and always come away with some great finds, so I was jazzed up as I rode my bike over to check it out. Here's everything I ended up finding there (except the ball glove, from the aforementioned yard sale):

I got a 500 piece Lord of the Rings puzzle and a Harry Potter trivia game, which both look to be in virtually brand-new condition save for the lack of shrink wrapping. Both of these are going in my gift cupboard for now (they will probably be Christmas gifts for my boys). I also found 3 Bone books which I'm also tucking into the gift cupboard for my boys - they recently discovered this book series and are enjoying it. In addition, I picked up a Simpsons book which may end up being a gift for my dh (a huge Simpsons fan) and a book of "horror filled activities" which I gave to my boys. I usually try to pick up a small surprise I can give them right away when I've been making the yard sale rounds; they know I always find cool stuff and are always excited to hear about what I found that week!

Rounding out the haul were a couple items for myself: 250 Best Cakes and Pies cookbook, heart shaped silicone mold for ice cubes or candy-making, and a set of 3 matching wooden picture frames. The frames are really solid wood and have neat diamond shaped detailing around the edges. They are going to be part of our photo-archive project that we're planning for our front hallway. Total cost for everything from the rummage sale? Three dollars!

All in all, a great way to kick off the season!


  1. Hi. I'm in Hamilton too. So glad to find your blog (via Frugal Upstate, I think. How funny there would be a link to my own city!) I've already found a few of your recipes I'd like to try for our family of 5. Looking forward to hearing more about your participation in the CSA program and how you use some of the more unusual veggies. Leslie

  2. The internet is such a bizarre place - kind of interesting that you found me through Frugal Upstate and you're local! Glad we have connected :)

    Although we belonged to a CSA for nearly a decade, last season we decided not to renew. Over the last few years we've gotten better at growing our own organic veggies in our backyard, which is more cost effective and allows us to grow only the things we really enjoy eating (I was giving a lot of beets and cilantro away to the neighbours, lol!) I do know ways to use just about everything that grows here in Southern Ontario I think :) so if you need help with a specific veggie, let me know!


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