Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yard Sale Report for April 24, 2010

When I picked up the classifieds to check out this week's sales, initially I thought I might not even go out this morning. I didn't see any listings for my section of the city (even though this is my third week out, it's still on the early side for yard sales around here). Thankfully, I was smart enough to peek in the sections for adjacent areas! I found two yard sales listed just outside my normal "boundaries". I also noticed a church rummage sale for the city adjacent to mine, located in an easy-to-get-to-by-bike area. So off I merrily went! I ended up riding by an unadvertised sale further down my street, so I stopped off there first, but didn't buy anything. At the next stop, I picked up two nonfiction books (in pristine condition) for $1.00. The sale after that one turned out to be more of an "expensive antiques sale", so although I enjoyed perusing the wares, I didn't buy anything there. I then geared up for my ride over to the rummage sale (just under 10 km away in the next city). I saw another unadvertised sale on the way there, so stopped for a peek but didn't find anything I needed.

My initial impression when I first walked in to the rummage sale was that it might not have been worth the ride there! However, I soon realized there were multiple rooms full of goodies to explore and got down to some serious treasure hunting. I ended up with two wicker baskets (both with unique shapes!), a 4 cup Pyrex measuring cup (to complete my collection - I now have the 1, 2, 4, and 8 cup measures and they all work hard in my kitchen!), a like-new copy of Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now, two cast iron trivets with funky decorative designs, and (my favourite find of the day!) a hardcover copy of The Fanny Farmer Cookbook for 50 cents! This classic cookbook's been on my wish list for a while now and I was thrilled to find a copy in such excellent condition for nearly free.

This week's total: $10.00 for nine items, or $1.11 per item

(The cast iron trivets were $2 each, which jacked the per-item cost up considerably. I've been making do with el-cheapo cork mats from Ikea for ages and I decided these lovely trivets were worth it - they will last a lifetime!)

Added bonus: Because I rode my bike nearly 24 km this morning, I also got an excellent workout while I was out bargain hunting.

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