Thursday, October 3, 2013

About That Closet...

Right around (gulp) four and a half months ago, I gave a quick update on our (sloth-like) progress on our Great Room Reshuffle project and haven't shared anything about it since.

Between all the TV segments, cooking classes and demos I've been doing in the last few weeks, getting dinner on the table has been a lot more of a priority than getting anything done around the house (except keeping the bathroom down to a sub-toxic level).

At the rate we've progressed on this project so far, the boys may have moved out of the house before we get it done! Having a friend visit us from Albuquerque in the middle of August did at least light a bit of a fire under our bottoms to get another small piece of this huge project accomplished.

We got the closet in what is now Noah's (almost 16 yr old ds) room and slated to become our TV room/den stripped of wallpaper, repaired the walls and primed and painted them. Joe then built a shelving unit to try and maximize the storage space in there.

We have finally taken it from this:

to this:

Although it took us a lot longer to accomplish than we'd hoped, it was basically an "elbow-grease only" project that we didn't have to spend any money on to complete. We already had all the painting supplies, and Joe built most of the shelving out of an old bookcase that had seen a lot better days. Now all our games, puzzles, Lego bins, Nerf guns and assorted art supplies all have a new home.

I'm not sure what the next step in this plan is as the logistics are pretty complex when we are switching bedrooms of all 4 family members and each room still has plenty of work to be done in it before it's ready for its new use. At any rate, it's a safe bet that one or more of us will be sleeping on the (queen sized) air mattress in the exercise room/spare bedroom at various times throughout the rest of this DIY adventure!

We're scheduled to pick up some furniture (a couch, chair and "media centre" type unit) on Saturday from my dad, who is also doing some shifting around of the room layouts at his place. Hopefully this will give us a feeling of urgency to continue focusing on this project, as we're starting to accumulate donated furniture much faster than we've been able to get it into its designated spaces!

Anyone else out there have a DIY project that's taking WAAAY longer than you planned?

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