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These are some of the books that were instrumental in changing my financial life (and life in general). The cookbook is simply one of my favourite all-purpose cookbooks (a must in every frugal kitchen!) Yes, these are Amazon affiliate links :)

I'm a frugalista, and by nature I try out a lot of things other people might not consider acceptable. I share things that work for me and my family here at Abundance on a Dime. While I do my best to make sure the information I provide is safe and accurate, I'm only human, and I can't possibly know whether my suggestions are suitable for your particular situation. Please consider your own circumstances and use common sense. Please do not use any of the information provided on this blog unless you agree to take personal responsibility for the results!

Affiliates and Paid Endorsements
I occasionally post affiliate links for products on Whenever I do so, I will indicate it on the relevant post. If you click through any of those links and make a purchase on, I will receive a payment equivalent to a very small percentage of your purchase.

Once in a while, I am asked to write a review of a product or service in exchange for a small fee. I will always indicate when I have received a payment to write a review. In addition, I will always give my honest assessment of a product even if I have been paid to review it.
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