thrifting & gifting

I love to buy things secondhand, whether it's at a yard sale or thrift store or finding a great deal on Kijiji or Craigslist. I also happen to be married to a husband who is a "curbside shopping" master and have benefited from many great finds he's dragged home over the years.

During the yard sale season, I post Weekly Yard Sale Reports - find the complete series here.

I also enjoy the challenge of trying to clothe our family of four well on a minuscule clothing budget. For many years we spent less than $300 per year on clothing (that includes shoes and outerwear). In 2011, we came close to doubling that, but still spend a fraction of the average North American family's clothing bill (which I hear is around $3000!).

Find out how we "dress for less" here.

We save a ton of money by reusing stuff until it has nothing left to give! Here are some examples:
A Curbside Find
Fabulous Freecycle Finds
"Good Enough" Solutions
Our $75 Deck Makeover
How to Make Your Own Menstrual Pads in 5 Minutes
The Fine Art of Food Alchemy
Hockey Stick Muskoka Chair
The (Sorta) Secret Second Lives of My Stuff

I love giving gifts, especially when I create something great without spending much money. You'll find suggestions and tips about how I do it in the following posts:

Putting Together an Inexpensive Baby Gift
Baby Gift Update
Creating Something Fabulous from "Nothing" (with pic of baby gift basket!)
A Birthday Gift for My Dad
A Housewarming Gift Basket
A Peek Inside My Gift Cupboard
How to Celebrate a Tween Birthday Without Breaking the Bank
A Quick Gift from the Garden

Gifts from the Kitchen series:
Candied Peanuts
"Puppy Chow" (for people)
"Fancying Up" a Loaf of Bread
What to Give with Your Loaf of Bread
Chocolate Peanut Granola
Two Last Minute Gifts from the Kitchen (Cracker Toffee and Chocolate Bark)

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