Thursday, October 19, 2006

A Grocery Goof

Today's frugal doings:

-worked on a knitted gift
-mended clothes while watching TV
-started rereading The Complete Tightwad Gazette (not sure how many times I've read it now!) for some creative thrifty inspiration

Frugal Foods:

Breakfast: muffin, orange juice, coffee

Lunch: chicken sandwich (made with a leftover chicken thigh from last night) on homemade bread, leftover sweet potato fries, glass of chocolate milk (on sale for cheaper than white milk!)

Supper: Spicy Peanut Pasta (a peanut and coconut milk-based sauce, sounds weird but very yummy!), broccoli, carrots, glass of milk

Today was also grocery shopping day. I spent $110.56 CDN. This was on the high side (I'm trying to keep it under $85/week). We were all out of a lot of staples like sugar and mustard. I also grabbed some extra bread, bagels, and cream cheese because they were on sale. The last couple of weeks I've spent above average; there have been a lot of really good sale prices on foods we use a lot. My freezer is almost full to the top and that hasn't happened for a while. My second fridge in the basement is almost full too! I don't think I will need to buy much for the next couple of weeks except milk and fruit. I'm also annoyed at myself for making a really novice sale-shopping mistake. I knew a particular brand of flour tortillas was on sale but I couldn't remember the price (I forgot to note it on my shopping list!), and it wasn't marked on the display. I only grabbed one since they only had one package of whole wheat. As it turns out the deal was 2 for $4, and you only got the sale price if you bought two. I realized this when I was double-checking my receipt in the parking lot - I probably could have gone back and gotten another one, but at that point I just decided to cut my losses and go home (I was really annoyed that I ended up paying $3.59 for *one* pack of tortillas though!)

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