Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday Frugal-Fest!

I've got to be honest - today I wore myself right out! I'm sitting here typing this in my pjs, ready to head straight for bed when I'm finished. The boys amused themselves with a variety of projects for most of the day, and I woke up feeling energetic, so I took advantage of that and did quite a few little tasks that needed to be done:

-sliced up about 1 1/2 dozen green peppers and put them in the freezer (in reused large freezer bags)

-made some homemade pancake syrup (I tried a new recipe from one I used previously that I wasn't happy with, this one seems thicker and more "syrupy", less runny)

-took a bunch of bread heels out of the freezer and made breadcrumbs

-baked a loaf of bread (this one was pretty effortless, I had already made refrigerator bread dough earlier in the week and just had to shape it, let it rise and bake it)

-baked a bunch of winter squash and pureed it for the freezer (I got about 5 cups total; I froze it in reused milk bags - the inner bags that the milk is actually in, not the larger outer bag!)

-baked a batch of gingersnap cookies for the boys

-did some more mending (still not finished yet - two boys and a too-long-neglected mending pile)

-continued working on my knitted gift project

I'm still working away at my re-read of the Complete Tightwad Gazette as well.

Today's eats:

Breakfast: muffin and coffee

Lunch: leftover pasta with peanut sauce, apple, glass of milk

Supper: quiche (the ultimate way to use up little bits of stuff lurking around in the fridge - in this case some Swiss Chard I had given to me by a friend and a bit of leftover broccoli went in the mix - it turned out very tasty) slice of homemade bread, tossed salad, coffee

That's it for today - time for me to go to sleep!

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