Saturday, May 8, 2010

Yard Sale Report for May 8, 2010

This wasn't the most inspiring week, either weather-wise or sale-wise. I went to a rummage sale yesterday morning and thought I might get rained on coming home on my bike (thankfully the rain held off long enough for me to stay dry). This morning, it looked like it could tip down at any minute; it was really windy with very dark cloudy skies. I ventured off anyway, however the yard sale offerings were just not that exciting. You never know until you go, and most of the time it is very worthwhile; coming home the odd week empty-handed (or nearly so) is just part of the process.

At yesterday's rummage sale I got three holistic health reference books for a quarter each. I've been keeping my eye out for a homeopathy reference, so was excited to stumble across this one (I dug through a LOT of books at that sale!) I also found a pair of cute butterfly earrings for another 25 cents (a little Mother's Day present to myself!)

This morning, I picked up a small (single serving) stainless steel Thermos for another quarter. I've been on the lookout for these for a while now. I'm still hunting for a large capacity one, to hold coffee for day trips. We used to have a great one that kept coffee good and hot all day long, unfortunately my hubby dropped it and smashed the glass liner. Both of us seem to have a knack for that (also for losing them!), so I'm hoping to build up a little stockpile of decent quality Thermoses.

That's it for this week's purchases.

Grand total: $1.25 for 5 items, or 25 cents per item.

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