Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yard Sale Report for September 18th, 2010

This week's report is the Almost Too Sick to Care Edition :) My older son and I have been taken down by a *very* nasty cold virus which we've been dealing with all week. Seriously, I don't think I've had a cold this bad for a decade or so! Anyway, I spent time yesterday preparing my usual list of yard sales to attend, not sure if I would actually go or not. It turned out to be such a lovely morning weather-wise, and there was a high concentration of sales in a neighbourhood that's an easy ride from mine, so both of those factors, combined with the fact that I know yard sale season is almost over, convinced me to give it a shot. I confess I doped myself up with acetaminophen pretty good before I left (something I rarely resort to, but in this case I'd tried just about all my other tricks with little relief!)

I ended up making a few good finds, and the fresh air actually made me feel slightly better, so I'm glad I went!

Here's what I came home with:

I couldn't resist this adorable plush bowling set. It's in perfect condition (the lady told me her son never used it).  The asking price was $10 for the set; I offered her $7, which she accepted. There are a few little kids in my life that I'm sure would love this, so I'm tucking it away in my gift cupboard. The two Neopets were in a "free" box at the same sale - my boys still love these little critters (although they're likely to be sporting homemade body armour these days, lol!). I'm saving them for stocking stuffers.

Next up:

-rectangular flat basket, 50 cents
-large (very heavy) glass pitcher, $1.00
-set of mini lights, 50 cents
-Hardcover papercraft and origami book, 50 cents
-paperback copy of Weaveworld, 50 cents

I'm hoping the mini lights will work out for my Christmas window decorating plans; if not I'm only out 50 cents (I fiddled around with them a bit when I got them home and it does look like my plan for them will be a go!)
I have a real "thing" for glass pitchers and I just couldn't resist this one, it's so nice and big and sturdy. The papercraft book looks like an excellent reference for a variety of low-cost craft projects, many of which look gift-worthy . I'm planning to give the copy of Weaveworld to one of the teenage boys on the street who I think might like it (it was one of my favourite reads as a teen and I still have my own copy, which I'm reluctant to loan out!)

Grand total for the day: $10 for 8 items, or $1.25 an item

Did you find any great deals this week?

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