Saturday, March 31, 2012

Simple Things I Love #1: My Super Saucepan

I'm definitely one of those people who appreciates the simpler things in life - I prefer bikes to cars and books to big screen TVs. As technology gets more and more complex, I find myself noticing how many of my most treasured tools are ones that have been around for a lot longer than Ipods!

As my longtime readers may have already figured out, I'm a kitchen minimalist. Even though I cook three meals a day from scratch, I have far fewer tools and gadgets than most people I know. One of my hardest-working kitchen tools is my trusty heavy-duty large saucepan. This particular pot was a wedding gift and has been pressed into near-daily service over the past sixteen-and-a-half years (often being called upon more than once per day).

Its functions in my kitchen include:
-soup pot
-milk heater (for yogurt making)
-rice cooker (also used for cooking other grains and pilafs, too)
-potato boiler
-popcorn maker (stovetop popcorn is the best ever!)

The poor thing hardly gets any rest - I'm sure it's glad when we take off for a camping trip and give it a few days off :)

When I stop to think of how much use I've gotten out of this simple but sturdy pot over the years, I'm filled with appreciation at how many tasks it performs for me, week in and week out. Plus it takes up a whole lot less space than a rice steamer and popcorn maker, a bonus in my space-challenged kitchen!

What simple things do YOU love?

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