Sunday, October 22, 2006

Weekend Doings

After a fairly hectic week, I spent most of the weekend relaxing, so not a lot of frugal activity to note. I did spend a fair amount of time working on knitted gift projects. Other than that, not much to report! One thing I started doing last week (that I forgot to mention in previous posts) was to experiment with not shampooing my hair every day. I've read in quite a few places over the years that it's actually healthier for your scalp *not* to wash your hair every day, but for most of my life, my hair was quite long, thick and tangly, so I always washed and conditioned every day. I've had short hair for a couple of years now, and I thought it was about time that I tried washing my hair less. I'm going to try cutting down to three times a week and see how it goes (I've already cut down to conditioning only once a week or so since I made the switch to a short hairstyle).

This weekend's menu:


Breakfast: Puffy pancake with apples (this recipe is in the Tightwad Gazette), orange juice, coffee

Lunch: leftover quiche and cooked carrots

Supper: Perogie casserole, peas (from frozen), gingersnaps, milk, coffee


Brunch: "Puffy Muffins" (this has been a Sunday special at our house for years - it's basically eggs mixed with cheese and seasonings piled on an english muffin half and baked in the oven - almost like a mini-quiche!), coffee, orange juice

Snack: apple, gingersnap, coffee

Supper: my dad took us all out to Red Lobster for dinner (this was to mark the first anniversary of my mom passing away Oct 21/05). We made sure to get doggy bags to enjoy tomorrow!

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