Saturday, October 2, 2010

Yard Sale Report for October 2, 2010

Sadly, this may well be the last yard sale report of 2010. Next weekend is Thanksgiving here in Canada, and generally there is not much in the way of yard sale action after that!

I only had one advertised sale on my list this morning and (okay, I admit it) I was tempted to sleep in. The weather was not all that promising - it was drizzling lightly - and I figured the odds were about even that the yard sale would even be running. I'm glad I ventured out, as I came home with one of the items on my "wish list" that had eluded me all summer:

A mirror for our front entrance way! I'd seen several of various shapes and sizes while making my rounds this season, but none were quite what I wanted (either that or they were outrageously priced for a yard sale). This one is not super high quality (the frame looks like it should be a heavy solid wood, but it's not, it's very light). It was the shape I was looking for, however - I didn't want anything perfectly rectangular as I wanted some curves to soften up the rather boxy lines of the area. The asking price for this was $10, which I thought was pretty steep considering the quality of the frame. I offered $5.00 and got it for that amount.

I also got these two cute Pyrex containers for $1.00 at the same sale.

Grand total for the day: $6.00 for 3 items, or $2.00 per item

I'll be wrapping up the yard sale season with a summary report of what I found and how much I spent over the course of the season. I expect I'll have this up in two weeks' time (I'll be too busy feasting next weekend!)


  1. I went to my church's yard sale today and had a great time. I can't wait for next "season" because I will definitely be going more often.

  2. Church rummage sales are so much fun, aren't they? There hasn't been one in my area for a while - was hoping to be able to hit at least a couple this fall!


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