Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thrift Store Scores: 50% Off Day at Value Village

Yesterday was a 50% off day at Value Village here in Canada. There were a few items of clothing we had on our "wanted" list, so off we went to see what we could find!

Before we even started bargain hunting, I was thrilled to see the renovations they have completed to our local store. They have expanded into the space that used to be next door, making it much more spacious and easy to move around. They also reorganized the entire store, making it easier to find what you're looking for. The change rooms were given an overhaul, too, making them larger with built-in benches in each change room (much easier to stow your stuff on these benches than on those flimsy wall hooks, and also a place to sit when giving pants a good test fit).

Not only did we have a more pleasant shopping experience than on our last visit, we also managed to find everything we wanted. I was looking for some cozy sweaters for myself and found the following:

A black ribbed roll neck sweater, $4.00

A super-soft and warm red cowl neck sweater, $5.00

A warm, snuggly and soft hoodie (perfect weekend lounge wear) $3.50

*And* I even found myself a pair of shoes (this is a near-miracle with my size 9 1/2 super narrow feet)

Comfortable enough for running errands, versatile enough to wear with pants or a skirt, and only $2.50!

My hubby was looking to replace his worn out jeans and found 2 pairs that fit the bill:

One pair was $3.50, the other pair was $3.00

I was hoping to find a pair of good-looking pants for my older son to wear on occasions when his perpetually-stained jeans won't quite cut it, and really scored on this front:

These Gap cargo pants cost $3.00, fit him *perfectly* and are in pristine condition. While the tags aren't on them, I'm positive no one ever wore them as the snaps and velcro on the pockets have that never-been-used feel.

My younger son also found a hoodie for $3.50 that I don't have a photo of as he disappeared with it as soon as we got home from shopping!

The grand total for our purchases this trip (with taxes) was $31.12, or an average of 3.89 an item for 8 items.

I'll be doing a final year-end clothing budget report during the last week of December; we're looking good to come in at just over $300 for the year!

Have you been over- or under- budget for your family's clothing this year? Any great finds to share?


  1. Awesome deals! :-) I wish some of our thrift stores would get an overhaul! ~Iris~

  2. Thanks Iris! I'm so glad about the store renovations - it was really crowded and kind of dingy in there before. It's SOOO much nicer now!


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