Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Green Beans and Tomatoes and Zucchini, Oh My!

It's been a challenging year weather-wise for gardening: first we had an exceptionally cold, wet spring, then Mother Nature did an abrupt about-face and it's been extremely hot and dry since June. I don't think my poor veggie plants knew quite what to do with themselves!

Despite these weather-related challenges, the garden eventually rallied back and we've had a reasonably decent harvest in the past few weeks.

The green beans (as always) were dependable and I had beans, beans, and more beans for a couple of weeks there:

Now the green beans are starting to peter out (I just did a second planting of them late last week, so hopefully I'll get another good harvest in a few weeks' time) and the tomatoes and zucchini are starting to kick into high gear:

Our cherry tomatoes and yellow pear tomatoes (hubby's favourite) are doing well. Unfortunately, the romas are not; many of the tomatoes have blossom rot and I'm wondering if we're going to have any edible harvest at all from those plants. The baby tiger zucchini is a variety I'm growing for the first time this year - aren't they pretty? So far the zucchini plant seems to be holding up pretty well against the heat, and it's setting a bunch more itty bitty zucchinis, so hopefully I'll get a good yield from that plant by the end of the season.

The pepper plants seem to have recovered nicely, too. They were looking totally pathetic earlier in the season, but since the heat kicked in they appear to be enjoying life a lot more. The hot pepper plants have started producing, and my Gypsy sweet peppers are cranking it into high gear. There are a lot of peppers on the plants, I just have to wait for them to turn red now (it's definitely worth the wait - they are the sweetest red peppers I've ever tasted!)

What's growing in your garden right now?


  1. Not much here. We have lots of tomatoes on the vine, but not many have ripened. Since I cut back on summer plants (no zucchini or other squash), tomatoes is about all we have left.

  2. I just barely got the space for gardening, right now I have 1 large and three small aloe plants (freecycled!) some basil and microgreens and cilantro.

  3. I can relate to the plethora of beans. Our garden is going strong! We have an over abundance of veggies this time and our friends have been receiving the overflow! Check out my blog post about my harvest a few weeks back! :-)Iris

  4. Thanks for sharing your garden updates, ladies! Iris, that is a LOT of peas, lol.


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