Saturday, June 16, 2012

Weekly Yard Sale Report

This week was everything the last two Saturdays were not: warm and sunny and perfect for checking out a few yard sales. I ended up hitting close to a dozen this morning and although for the most part they weren't particularly noteworthy, this sight on Strathcona Street more than made up for it:

 I'm certain this must be the most yard I've ever seen in one place outside of a yard shop (heck, I think I might have been in a yarn shop or two that didn't have this much yarn!) Unfortunately, it was all acrylic and I'm mostly a natural-fibre kind of gal so I didn't buy any of it.

I did, however, make a few small purchases on my rounds this morning:
A cute snowman magnetic dress up toy (25 cents), a Simpsons comic book ($1.00), an origami book (25 cents) and a navy blue Columbia T-shirt for my hubby (50 cents). The snowman toy and the origami book are going into my gift cupboard. The comic book I'm saving as a surprise for my 14 year-old-son to tuck into his bag when he heads off to camp 4 weeks from tomorrow.

That was the total haul for today!

Grand total for the day: $2.00 for 4 items, or an average of 50 cents an item.

Did you find anything great this week?


  1. Great deals!! :) I rarely see garage sales in my area & when I do, I'm usually on my way somewhere so don't bother stopping. :/

  2. Ps - Would you like to swap blog links? :)


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