Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Final Harvest of the Season?

We still haven't gotten a frost here yet, but I know it'll be coming soon! Unfortunately, the weather's been cool and wet for the last week or so, making it difficult for me to get out in the garden and tend to the last of my vegetables.

I managed to get out and harvest these end-of-the-season goodies:

-a few skinny stalks of rhubarb (my plant's still young; this is only its second growing season so the stalks are much smaller than that of a well-established plant)
-a basketful of Roma tomatoes, mostly green (these will be left to ripen gradually as I don't have enough to make a batch of green tomato mincemeat or relish)
-two red peppers and 11 jalapenos (that brings my jalapeno total up to 52 off one plant this year!)
-a handful of green beans
-roughly 3-4 dozen cherry tomatoes (still "on the vine" behind the baskets)

There are still a number of sweet peppers left on the plants that I'm hoping will finish ripening before the frost comes. I may get a few more jalapenos as well (there were some half-sized ones that I left on the plant). I'm hoping the cherry tomatoes will ripen for me, I'll have to wait and see what happens!

I also have some arugula and spinach (planted at the end of August) that may yield a small harvest if I'm lucky. They got nibbled on pretty heavily by our friendly urban wildlife. Currently they're nestled under a blanket of agricultural cloth to protect them from critters and potential frost. If it ever stops raining, I'll go out and see how they're doing. I still haven't brought my herbs in for drying because of the wet weather, either.

Here's hoping for a few sunny days before the frost comes so I can maximize my use of this year's garden bounty!

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