Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Great Big End of Season Yard Sale Summary Report

Yard sale season is officially over for the year - and here, at long last, is my summary report of everything I found for the 2010 season. I have to admit that, much as I love my yard sale-ing adventures, I'm feeling pretty content to be sitting here in my jammies, leisurely sipping coffee at well after 11 a.m on a Saturday morning. for the first time since early April!

This year, I hit my first sale in mid-April and finished off at the beginning of October, for a total of 25 weeks of yard sale shopping. Here is everything I found during that time:

22 children's books*
10 novels*
4 holistic health books
4 2x4 furniture books
5 cookbooks
2 atlases (1 world and 1 Canadian)
1 craft book
1 home & garden tips book
2 spiritual books

Total books: 51 

*most of these were in brand-new condition and ended up in my gift cupboard

Clothing and accessories:
3 pairs of earrings (all of which I have worn a lot already!)
summer button-down shirt for hubby
light blue T shirt for hubby
2 dressy summer tops for me
3 T-shirts for me (white, navy, light blue)
1 camisole top for me
1 tank top for cycling for me
2 long sleeve T's for me (one white, one black)
black cotton skirt for me
black yoga pants for me
cream stretch denim jacket for me
white long sleeved, collared shirt for me
lightweight Nike jacket for me
5 pairs of shoes (including 2 pairs of New Balance runners and one pair of Columbia hikers)
lightweight Roots tote bag
wallet to match my summer tote bag
pair of slippers (brand new) for my younger son
pair of winter gloves for my older son

Total clothing items: 29

-baseball glove for my younger son
-Just Like Heaven DVD
-Rock Band Playstation game
-Aerosmith Guitar Hero game
-AC/DC Guitar Hero game
-drum kit, mike and 2 guitars for Rock Band

Total: 9 items

Household Goods:

2 small coloured containers
4 cup sized measuring cup
meat platter with tree design
small dish
large casserole dish
Bundt pan
pie plate

Other kitchen items:
Full size stainless steel Thermos
single serving stainless steel Thermos
2 large Coleman cooler jugs
2 500 mL stainless steel water bottles
1 L stainless steel water bottle
4 drinking glasses
salad spinner
juice jug
cast iron frying pan
mini mold pan (for gelatin desserts)
heart-shaped silicone mold for ice cubes or candy
2 taco bowl molds
white serving platter
small glass pitcher
large glass pitcher
sunflower serving tray
8 matching five-piece settings of flatware plus sugar spoon and butter knife
set of 6 fancy glass dessert dishes
set of wine charms
4 stainless steel wine glasses (for camping)
stainless steel shaker
pot for melting wax
2 cast iron trivets

Decor items:
Outdoor light fixture
5 photo frames (4 wood, 1 pewter)
2 large picture frames (purchased for the mattes)
10 baskets (assorted shapes and sizes)
2 tea light holders
glass floral frog
2 sets of glass candle holders
decorative blue glass bottle
2 large ceramic planters
set of mini lights
four framed historic prints of our city
garden plaque with thermometer
metal star

blank journal
photo album
picnic blanket
set of 3 wire boxes (to use as recipe card holders)

Total: 104 items

Gifts & Wrapping Supplies:
4 decorative glass dishes
set of nesting Christmas tins
silver star shaped box
floating snowman candles
2 blank journals
candle and scented oil set
Garden journal
Practical Gardening book
Niagara waterfalls book
2 hockey books
3 Bone books (kids' book series)
Simpsons book
wine server set
kids' jigsaw puzzle book
wooden matching game set
Travel Tangrams puzzle set
set of "finger crayons"
plush kids' bowling set
4 person Blokus game
Rush Hour game
500 piece Lord of the Rings puzzle
Harry Potter trivia game
Scrabble tiles (for making jewelry)

Total: 30 items

Freebies (stuff I got from "Free" piles):
muffin pan
metal serving tray
1 L Mason jar
wooden trivet
3 Christmas tins
dancing pig gift tin
2 storage cannisters
half a dozen white candles
kitchen scale
2 unopened rolls shelf liner
mostly full box of Christmas cards
cloth napkin
2 Neopets toys

Total: 18 items

All told, I spent $188.95 to purchase a total of 232 items (or just over 81 cents per item). Considering the Rock Band game and accessories are worth over $100 alone (even at secondhand prices), I think I did pretty well!

That sure sounds like a lot of "stuff", doesn't it? As I was reviewing my purchases while making up this report, I frequently had a smile on my face, thinking about how much use many of these items have already gotten around our home, or how pleased recipients were with the gifts I pulled out of my gift cupboard. In fact, other than a couple of clothing items which ended up in the "questionable" pile after I tried them on (neither of which I paid more than a dollar for), I've been quite pleased with all of my purchases. And if I should ever tire of any of them, I'll easily be able to sell them for at least as much as I paid, and likely more.

Also, a full 25% of the items purchased went into my gift cupboard stash, so they're not designated to stick around here, anyway (except the items for my kids and hubby, of course).

My favourite finds this season? 
I was probably most excited about finding the Rock Band game and accessories, as I knew it would thrill my boys. My favourite finds for myself were the like-new hardcover copy of The Fannie Farmer cookbook and the set of chunky glass candlesticks. These items were both purchased way back in April, for 50 cents apiece.

What was YOUR favourite find this yard sale season? Please share!

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  1. I have to say, mine was customers! LOL I HAD a garage sale! This was my year for minimizing and cleaning out thing I don't use. Glad your season was so great! That sounds like some great scores!


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