Saturday, July 30, 2011

Yard Sale Report for July 29th, 2011

Things were pretty slow in yard sale land today, as I expected they might be, since it's a long weekend. I had only four sales on my list to check out today, one of which turned out not to be running when I went by. I did find another unadvertised one along the way to investigate, though!

Despite it being a slow morning for sales, I did come home with a few things:

A decent quality backpack for $1.00 (I pick these up when I see them for cheap enough as my older son has an uncanny ability to destroy them), two heavy-duty 9" Wilton cake pans for 50 cents, and an oil cruet for 25 cents. There's a similar set of cake pans on Amazon for just under $15, and I've often seen this type of oil cruet selling for $8-$10 (although I've never been able to figure out why they're so expensive!) so I was quite pleased with these finds.

Grand total for the day: $1.75 for 4 items, or 44 cents an item

Did you find any great bargains this weekend?


  1. I didn't get a chance to do as much this weekend because we held our own garage sale. I did stop by a neighbor's though and picked up a blue pyrex dish, a glass beer stein, tongs and a grater for $2. My Aunt had the best luck at the sale, she got a beautiful vintage chair, a Suns jersey and a bunch of clothes for about $12.

  2. Okay, I admit I'm a bit jealous about the pyrex dish - I have become a bit of a pyrex collector over the past few years and would especially love to find blue pieces as they match my dinnerware and decor :) Hope you made a good chunk of money at your garage sale!

  3. Wow - that's amazing! I haven't been thrifting lately - it's a guilty pleasure of mine that I hope to take up when the boys are back in school...

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