Monday, August 1, 2011

July Food Stamp Challenge: It's a Wrap!

As today is the first day of August, that means the July Food Stamp Challenge is officially over. In my last post, I mentioned that we'd spent $393.83 as of July 25th.

Since then, we've spent another $6.28 on milk and eggs, bringing our grand total for the month to $400.11, just a hair under the $404 goal for the month.

All things considered, I'm impressed we pulled it off. And I still have a freezer loaded with cherries, pork tenderloin, turkey and a few other goodies that were purchased but not consumed in July.

I'm also fully aware that if I really needed to, I *could* have spent more than I did, as there was money available to do so. There have been times in my life when I absolutely HAD to make the money go as far as it could, as there wasn't any more when it ran out. Knowing you have a bit of a financial cushion makes the "challenge" of a small grocery budget a whole lot less stressful. I'm fully aware that there are many families out there who have to live within the constraints of a minuscule food budget each and every month, whether they like it or not...and I appreciate each and every dollar I have to spend on food, along with all the food skills I have that allow me to stretch those dollars pretty far while still feeding my family well.

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