Saturday, August 13, 2011

Yard Sale Report for August 13, 2011

All of you regular readers of my yard sale reports will probably remember that I struck out last week. Fear not, this week I got my yard sale karma back and came home far from empty handed!

My first find of the morning was these old-fashioned prints of ads for Mennen's "toilet powder" and Pears soap. They are printed onto metal rather than paper and will be perfect in my bathroom (I've been looking for decorative items for my bathroom wall for the last 5 years since we redid it - I never dreamed it was going to take me this long to find something suitable!) I paid $3 for the large one and $2 for the small one.

The two pairs of pants are for my hubby, who seems to have a special knack for getting stains on light-coloured clothing! I hope they're going to fit him - I decided to take a chance since they were $2 each and are good quality pants (one pair is Tilley brand). He hasn't been around since I got back to try them on, so I have my fingers crossed :)

Later on in my travels, I found a few more treasures. The set of stainless steel stacking mugs was $3 and will be perfect to add to our camping equipment stash. I got the ladybug garden ornaments at the same sale ($5 for the set) and the mesh strainer and tea ball got tossed in for free. I didn't notice til I got home that one of the ladybugs is missing an antenna. I'm wondering if it got broken off in my bike pannier on the way home, as normally I'm pretty good about noticing those sorts of things - I'll go rummage around in the bottom of the bag and see if I can find it later on. My last find for the day was a CD of relaxing classical music for $2 (good to throw in the CD player on days when my nerves are a bit shot!)

Grand total for the day: $21 for 11 items, or $1.91 an item 
(counting the mug set as one item)

Did you find any great bargains this weekend?


  1. Congratulations! I especially love those signs. Isn't it gratifying when you wait that long and finally find something so perfect?

  2. Yes, I was very excited when I found those prints and knew they were what I had been looking for all this time :)

  3. I LOVE the mug stacking set! We had pretty good luck today, I got a brand new exercise ball (unopened, unpumped), a glass salad dressing container, a nice large vase, an insulated reusable shopping bag, a car wheel cover, a weird vintage phone (called Noteworthy) and a box of Cat5 wire (partner's buy).

    I think in total we spent about $12


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