Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Our Spring Clothes Shopping Expedition

Yesterday was a 50% off day at Value Village. Thanks to the fact that we have a Super Savers Club Card, we were able to shop the day before and get the 50% off discount. So our Mother's Day ended up being a free class at my yoga studio (they always do free classes for *everyone* on Mother's Day, which is so generous of them!) followed by a thrift store shopping trip. It was a busy day rather than a relaxing one, but seeing as how they were all frugal activities I suppose it was the perfect Mother's Day for me!

On this trip we were focused on getting the boys some spring and summer clothes as they both went and grew again and didn't have much that still fit them except a few T-shirts each.

They are both getting really particular about their clothing and although at first I thought we were never going to find anything that fit them *and* met with their fashion approval, we did end up with a decent haul in the end.

My younger son came home with this:

There are 3 T-shirts, 3 pairs of "regular' shorts, 1 pair of athletic shorts and a swimsuit in the picture. He also found 2 other T-shirts and a second pair of athletic shorts (not pictured since he went off to school in one set of T-shirt and shorts and I have no idea what he did with the other T-shirt!).

My older son found the following:

Again, not everything is pictured since he wandered off with some of the items already. In the photo are 2 T-shirts, a tank top, a pair of athletic pants, 3 pairs of shorts and a swimsuit. Not in the picture are a second swimsuit, another pair of shorts, and another 3 T-shirts (again, he's wearing one and I don't know where he's stashed the other 2 at the moment!) The pair of shorts in the bottom right corner still had the store tags on (I love it when we find brand new, never-worn stuff at the thrift store).

My husband also found a pair of sneakers for himself (not pictured).

In total we came home with 25 items of clothing for $96.06, or $3.84 an item.

We still need to find my younger son an outfit for his grade 8 graduation on June 25th. We'll probably hit our local Talize as that is my boys' new favourite thrift store.

Have you found any great thrift store deals lately?

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