Saturday, May 25, 2013

Yard Sale Report: The Second Half of May

In my area, May and June seem to be two of the best months for yard sales and I have hit quite a few in the last two Saturdays!

Here's what I came home with last weekend:

A pair of polar fleece gloves that fit me perfectly, a full container of bamboo skewers, and a beach mat all came out of a free pile (and you all know how much I *love* free piles!!) At the same yard sale I also found the silicone basting brush for 25 cents and the yoga book for 50 cents.

This morning I hit so many sales that I lost count because there was a huge street sale over on Beulah Avenue (an annual event) plus a few other sales in that area piggybacking on the main sale. I've been going to the Beulah Street Sale for probably close to a decade and for the first time ever, I left empty-handed. Ironically, after spending a good chunk of time pedaling all over Southwest Hamilton, the only items I purchased this morning were at a couple of sales right around the corner from me!

I was thrilled to find another stainless steel coffee mug, very similar to the one I picked up earlier this month, for 50 cents (now hubby and I will each have our own!) I also scooped up four kids' craft books in brand new condition to add to my gift cupboard for another $2.00.

Grand total for the last two weeks: $3.25 for 10 items or 32.5 cents an item

Have you found any great yard sale bargains lately?

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