Saturday, May 4, 2013

Yard Sale Season Is Here!

At long last, spring has decided to grace us with its presence here in Southern Ontario. We've been enjoying a well-deserved string of gorgeous, sunny days and of course when the warmer weather arrives my thoughts turn to two things: gardening and yard sales! I've gotten out in the garden a little bit and plan to spend a bunch of time out there in the next few days, so a garden update will be coming soon.

Right now I have the spoils of my first week of yard sale shopping to share. There was only one yard sale running in my neck of the woods today and at first I thought I was going to strike out. Most of the merchandise was kids' games (a lot of which looked like they'd been tucked away in the basement for 20 years) and older dishes, mugs, etc. It was not well sorted or displayed, though (many items were in boxes, wrapped in paper, making it next to impossible to tell what was in there!) When I hit a sale like this, I tend to dig around a bit (especially if I don't have a lot of other sales on my list for that day). I will often find things other people missed because they just did a quick scan of what was clearly visible.

In this case I ended up with the following items:

Three of those woven paper plate holders and a stainless steel mug; I paid 50 cents for the lot!

Now anyone who knows me is wondering why the heck I bought those paper plate holders as I never, ever use paper plates! The answer is that sometime last fall I read that these work well for drying herbs and I thought I'd give it a try. My plan is to dry small amounts at a time over the course of the growing season, rather than trying to dry large amounts all at once in the fall (which I somehow never get around to doing!). The stainless mug is going in our camping kit; we do have a set of 4 stainless mugs but they are quite small and this one will probably hold over twice as much coffee :)

Grand total for the day: 50 cents for 4 items, or 12.5 cents per item.

As I mentioned near the end of last yard sale season, I'm probably going to switch from weekly yard sale reports to 1-2 reports a month, depending on how many sales I'm getting out to and how much stuff I find - this will also free up some time for me on produce exchange days, keeping me a bit more sane! I will still file them all under "Weekly Yard Sale Reports" so they're easy to find.

Has your yard sale season started yet? Have you found anything great?

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  1. Have a blast. Ours started a few weeks ago but we've been fighting colds. Today I had the car for a bit and hit a neighborhood one. Since it was a developemnt it was mostly new stuff and kids stuff. But got some walking in.

    1. That cold has been making the rounds around here too and dh and I have been in various stages of it for the last couple of weeks - annoying since spring is finally here!

      Hope you find some good stuff this season :)

  2. We had a yard sale last weekend and did really well. I love yard sale shopping. I use woven paper plate holders as bread baskets, to hold tea and lemonade packets during a get together or to hold stacks of napkins. They really do have a variety of uses

    1. Making money getting rid of your old stuff is always fun!

      Those are all great ideas for using the plate holders, thanks.

  3. my computer gave out and I had to get a new one Did I miss the additions you were going to send me to the apetit book. Am still using receipes and every one loved baked bean dish. Could I trouble you to try sending them again. Thank you very much. LaVerne Barrett

    1. Hi LaVerne, don't worry, you didn't miss it! I'm waaay behind schedule in getting it done. The current plan is to finish it within the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned :)


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