Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My New Budget Menu Planning Service is (Almost) Here!

Ever since my book came out, I've gotten lots of questions and comments from readers. For some people, the book was all they needed to take control of their family grocery budget and meal planning (like the folks who have left wonderful reviews here and here). Other people have sent me comments something along the lines of "I love your book, and it has a lot of great ideas, but I just can't seem to pull it all together when it comes to coordinating my grocery shopping, menu planning and cooking."

If you consider yourself in that second group that still struggles with figuring out what to cook for dinner and making sure you have all the food you need without spending a small fortune, I have some exciting news: I am launching a new budget menu planning service that will make your life SO much easier - for a very small cost.

Imagine this arriving in your inbox every Friday afternoon:  
  •  A complete menu plan for the coming week, featuring foods on sale and in season in Southern Ontario. 
  •  You'll have all the recipes in one place, plus a complete shopping list so you'll never discover you're out of a key ingredient halfway through cooking dinner again! 
  • The grocery list will also tell you where all the best sale prices are that week for the items you need, and even tell you what other items are on sale at "rock-bottom" stock-up-now prices so you don't miss a great deal. 
If this sounds like something that would revolutionize meal time at your house (or at least take off a whole lot of pressure) I have a free sample menu available that you can check out to see just what you'll receive every week as a subscriber. You can either check it out here or email me direct to request a copy. I've already let a few friends take a look at it and the feedback I've gotten has been along the lines of "Wow!" and "I really love this!". 

I'm also committed to keeping this service extremely affordable; I really want everyone who could benefit from it to be able to sign up! A 3 month subscription is just $22.50 ($7.50 a month), 6 months is $39 ($6.50 a month) and 12 months is $63 ($5.25/month). I want to make this a really excellent value for all of you and I don't think you can get a more detailed plan for this price.

If you'd like to subscribe: Simply email me and let me know how many months you'd like to subscribe for (3, 6, or 12) and how you'd prefer to pay (PayPal, email transfer or cheque) and we'll get it all set up. The first set of menu plans will be going out to subscribers on July 5th!

Wouldn't it be nice to never worry about what you're going to make for dinner again?

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