Saturday, May 21, 2011

Yard Sale Report for May 21, 2011

It's the Victoria Day long weekend here in Canada, and the first really sunny, warm and gorgeous Saturday we've had all spring. It seemed like everyone who didn't head up north for the weekend decided it would be a great day to put all their junk out on the driveway and see what they could get rid of! I started out with half a dozen advertised sales on my list, and must have hit at least that many unadvertised sales along the way in my travels.

Not only did I get to enjoy a pleasant ride in beautiful weather, I came home with a few useful items:

 5 nonfiction books for the kids ($1.25), a "Things Teens Should Know" card deck (50 cents) and a cutlery tray ($1.00). My younger son has a new interest in learning French, so I was pleased to find 3 French books for him. Our current cutlery tray used to be my husband's mother's (she passed away 20 years ago, before we were even married).It's pretty gross and not very sturdy, so I'll be happy to put this replacement to good use!
A new backpack for my older son ($1.00), a stainless steel water bottle ($1.00), a stainless steel travel mug ($1.50) , a Christmas gift box (heavy, sturdy cardboard) (25 cents), and a glass mixing bowl with 3 sets of measuring spoons (50 cents). The backpack find was very convenient as my son's present backpack just fell apart (the whole bottom came out) and while I *might* be able to fix it, I'm not sure how sturdy it will be for carrying the heavy loads he often totes around. I'm tucking the water bottle away as a backup replacement in case we lose one (we currently have one apiece). We seem to never have a complete set of measuring spoons around here (someone who shall remain nameless forgets to close the door on the little compartment that holds the small items in place in the dishwasher before running it, and countless measuring spoons have escaped and melted in the bottom of the dishwasher.) Someday I hope to find a good stainless steel set; these will do in the meantime!

I also found a pair of Adidas sneakers in excellent, condition for my husband ($2.00) that I forgot to include in the photos (he was too busy trying them on, lol!)

Grand total: $9.00 for 16 items, or 56 cents an item.

Did you find any great bargains this weekend?

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  1. I grab up measuring spoons at garage sales any time I see them for a low price. I never seem to have enough of them when I cook.

    I didn't go to any sales this weekend, although our town held their annual city-wide garage sales. It was hard to stay away from them, but we were just too buy this weekend to go to any.


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