Saturday, June 18, 2011

Yard Sale Report for June 18th, 2011

Finally! A clear and sunny Saturday morning. Much to my chagrin, there were not a lot of yard sale listings in my area to go along with the fabulous weather. I think it's rained too many Saturdays in a row and people have all but given up trying to hold a successful yard sale. I did have 5 yard sales on my list to check out; I stumbled on another one during my travels, hitting half a dozen in total. Only two of the sales had anything of interest to me:

I picked up this copy of The Gourmet Cookbook for $3.00 (it's listed for $31.47 on at the first yard sale I hit. The yoga pants were $3.00 and the Inukshuk earrings plus the windchimes (below) were another $10.00. That's a bit more than I would usually pay, but the windchimes were new-in-the-box and the earrings are going into my gift cupboard for my niece's birthday, so I sucked it up a bit and paid a little more than my cheapskate self will usually consider :)

Grand total for the day: $16.00 for 4 items, or $4.00 per item (significantly higher than my usual per-item cost, but I figure the retail value of today's purchases to be around $85 before taxes, so I think I still did okay!)

Did you find any great deals this weekend?

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