Saturday, June 25, 2011

Yard Sale Report for June 25th, 2011

Another overcast Saturday..but lots of yard sales to check out! I think everyone's given up on waiting for the perfect Saturday weather-wise and decided to take there chances. There were several street sales in my area so I didn't have to do a lot of riding to check out a lot of merchandise (which I appreciated, as I really haven't gotten enough sleep this week).

Here's what I found on my morning's travels:

At the first street sale I picked up a wicker hamper for 50 cents.It was going cheap due to a broken closure. I might take the lid off and use it as a drawer-style basket, or save it for a future gift basket and use the closure openings for ribbon ties...we'll see :)

At the next street sale, I bought a hardcover nature book/sorting and matching game that's going in my gift cupboard (25 cents) and a book called "Dish" by Marion Kane (a popular Canadian food writer) for 50 cents.

Later in the morning, I found these cute insect tea light holders (perfect for my front porch!) and got both for $1.50; a handmade journal still in the shrink wrap for $1.00 and a belt for my younger son (in a free pile!) 

On my way home, I stumbled on an unadvertised sale and bought a flowering shrub (not sure what kind) for $3.00 and a begonia for 50 cents (I forgot to include them in the photo).

Grand total for the day: $7.25 for 9 items, or 81 cents an item.

Did you find any great bargains this weekend?

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  1. I haven't hit up any sales since last month and I am getting the itch again. I love a good bargain :)


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