Saturday, July 23, 2011

Yard Sale Report for July 23rd, 2011

Whew - here at long last is my Saturday yard sale report. Between a morning out treasure hunting, running today's produce cooperative exchange, getting some laundry on the line and squeezing in a trip to the pool to cool down and a last minute dash to the library before it closed, today didn't leave any time for blogging until right now!

It was *almost* too hot to go out riding around on my bike checking out yard sales today...but not quite! Surprisingly, given the heat and the fact that it's prime vacation season, there were a good 8 or 10 sales running in my area.

Here's what I found:

3 kids' books for $2.00 total, a funky stainless steel stacking canister set which I bought at the same sale as the Stargate DVD for $3.00 total (I'm thinking the canister will be awesome for camping, we'll probably cover over the coffee/tea/cocoa labels with homemade ones for whatever we decide to stock it with; we've been planning to start watching the Stargate series on DVD but I  wanted to see the movie first - our library didn't have it so I figured I might as well grab it when I saw it this morning). I really liked the pattern on this glass vase so I couldn't resist it for $1.00 (most of the time I use Mason jars for vases, lol). The church I bought the vase at was giving away those cool cloth drawstring bags for free and I'm sure they'll come in handy for a variety of uses.


My big find of the morning was this twin comforter with matching pillowcase that I picked up for $8.00. It's in really good condition and I was pretty sure my 13 yr old would like it. New bedding for him has been on my "to buy" list for a while so I was pretty excited to stumble on this ensemble. The timing of this find was perfect as a local department store is having a clearance sale on bedding this week and I was thinking of checking it out as I've hunted around for ages without finding anything suitable. He was quite impressed with my find, by the way, so score one for mom's thrifting skills (I figure it never hurts to impress your teenagers with your frugal abilities!)

Grand total for the day: $14.00 for 9 items or 1.56 an item

Did you find any great bargains this weekend?


  1. Congratulations on your great finds, Karen! As I've told you before, there are no yard sales where I live so I enjoy your finds vicariously :)
    > ^..^ <

  2. I've been lurking for a few weeks, reading old posts, so I'm really happy to see this post! You inspired me to start going garage sale shopping again. Last week, I picked up 3 baskets, two glass jars, a big pink sparkly letter 'E', a genuine vintage tupperware dish (still in great shape!) and a tap-on light. Later I was able to rescue an entire vintage dining set, some pots, bakeware, a rice cooker, a blender and assorted kitchen ware from a neighbor on her way overseas (for free!).

    This week, I got a garbage bag full of name-brand clothing, an amplifier, an ethernet card, another glass jar and a hanging coat rack for $10. Later in the day, I also found a very large Ikea Expedit book shelf. It just needs a very good cleaning and it'll be as good as new!

  3. Wow, Erica, that's awesome. Those are some really great finds. Glad you left a comment so I know you're here :)

  4. The good finds are definitely one of the good things about living in a city. There are many sales and post-move freebies up for grabs, but less space for gardening and lots of light pollution.


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