Saturday, July 2, 2011

Yard Sale Report for July 2nd, 2011: Holiday Weekend Edition

Yesterday was Canada Day, making this the first long weekend of the summer. Some years there seem to be a lot of yard sales on long weekends, and some years there is very little going on. This year turned out to be the latter - only two yard sales in my area to check out. I was pretty tired from picking 18 quarts of strawberries and making 3 batches of jam yesterday, so I almost didn't mind that there was not an extensive list of sales to visit this morning!

I came home with two purchases, one from each sale:

A basket for 50 cents, and a wooden bowl for $5.00. Normally I would have haggled over the bowl price, but it was a fundraiser sale and I don't dicker at those. It appears to be a fairly good quality bowl, too, so I don't think it was such a bad deal :)

Grand total for the day: $5.50 for 2 items, or $2.75 per item.

Are long weekends quiet or busy for yard sales in your area?

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