Friday, July 5, 2013

Top 5 Food Deals July 5-11, 2013

Welcome to this Friday's roundup of the "Top 5" food deals in my area for the coming week. While some of the deals will be exclusive to the Hamilton area, many of them will be available throughout most or all of Ontario, depending on the stores involved in a particular sale. Sale prices end July 4th unless otherwise noted.

Here are my picks for this week:

1. Chicken and Pork 
Chicken drumsticks and thighs and pork loin chops are all on sale for $1.88/lb at Food Basics

2. Kraft peanut butter
$3.44 for a 750 g - 1 kg jar at Metro or $3.99 at Freshco

3. Blueberries
$1.44 a pint at Freshco or 3 pints for $5 at Metro

4. Lettuce
Ontario romaine, green or red leaf lettuces are 67 cents each at Food Basics

5.  Fresh pineapples
$1.50 each at No Frills.

Happy shopping! 

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