Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Celebrating Local Food Week: Five of My Favourite Local Food Deals

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It's the first official Local Food Week here in Ontario! To help celebrate, I figured this would be a great time to share some of my favourite local food deals here in the Hamilton area.

1. Ground beef at VG Meats: You can buy a 30 lb box of their (frozen) regular ground beef for just $60! This is a super awesome deal. Their meat is antibiotic and hormone free and they raise their animals humanely. We've been buying their beef for a couple of years now and anything else just isn't good enough anymore :) They regularly offer great specials on other meats as well, and have excellent freezer packages available if you're looking to buy a LOT of meat at once. Visit their site to find out more.

2. Local, organic rolled oats from Grain Process: For under $25, you can buy a 10 kg bag of organic rolled oats from Grain Process. A school in our neighbourhood purchases their products as a fundraiser so it's really convenient for us to order through them. They also have a retail outlet in Scarborough; it has weird hours though so make sure you check to see when it's open before you go! They have a pretty extensive range of products, both organic and conventionally grown. The prices do fluctuate up and down a bit but are generally very good. If you're wondering what on earth we do with all those oats, our routine consumption of homemade granola, baked oatmeal, muffins and cookies makes pretty short work of that big bag!

3. Bulk honey from Dutchman's Gold Honey Shop: If you bring your own jars to the Honey Shop up in Carlisle, you can purchase bulk honey (either Wildflower or Summer Blossom) for $9.25/kg. This is a fantastic price for local, unpasteurized honey. Their prices do fluctuate from season to season, but are always a good deal.

4. Stirling Creamery butter from Vos Eggs: You can buy locally produced Stirling butter for $4.45/lb at the Vos Eggs stall in the Hamilton Farmers' Market, top level. Stirling has been churning out world-renowned butter since 1925 (Saveur magazine has called it "one of the world's 30 great butters". You can't say no to something that great for such a good price!

5. Produce from smaller, local growers at the Mustard Seed Co-op: The local growing season is just getting underway, and I've already found some very good deals on fresh, local greens from small local producers at the co-op. This is going to be my second stop (after my backyard garden) for produce this year. Members will also be able to order bushels of produce as the season progresses (perfect for canning, can't wait for the tomatoes!) They're having their official grand opening this Saturday, too, from noon-6 p.m., so it's a great time to stop by the store and check it out!

Are there any other great local food deals I should know about? Please share them with us in the comments!
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