Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekly Menu Retrospective #3

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the past week's eats. I prefer to report what we ate in the last week, rather than what we're planning to eat in the coming week. Why? The reason is pretty simple: although I usually have a general idea of what we're going to eat in the next week or so, life often unfolds a little differently than planned, and I adjust my menu plan on a near-daily basis to accommodate leftovers and other not-possible-to-plan-ahead circumstances. I find this is the easiest way to ensure that I minimize our family's food waste. I'm also willing to admit that I'm a rather spontaneous cook, given to preparing foods that strike me as the most appealing thing to eat right here and now!

Breakfasts: We went through a couple of batches of Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins and had those most days.One day we had bagels with peanut butter/cream cheese/jam.

Lunches: cinnamon raisin bagels with cream cheese, salads with greens from the garden plus protein "additions" of cheese, sunflower seeds and/or leftover meat,  chicken on a bagel, cheese omelettes and leftover pancakes (from last week), peanut butter toast


Monday: I made a batch of crepes and filled them with leftovers - the boys had "Pizza Crepes" stuffed with leftover tomato meat sauce and topped with melted cheese, I had mine filled with leftover turkey salad and avocado and topped with melted cheese (hubby wasn't home for dinner).

Tuesday: Hamburgers and Creamy Cucumber Salad (cucumbers were on sale for 59 cents this week!)

Wednesday: Hummus and Grilled Flatbread, leftover Creamy Cucumber Salad

Thursday: Lime and Garlic Chicken with Southwestern Spiced Barley &Vegetable Salad

Friday: Hummus and Red Pepper "Hoagie" (hot dog bun with cheese melted on one side, hummus spread on the other side and filled with sauteed red peppers and onions), the boys had hot dogs plus raw sliced veggies on the side (hubby not home for dinner again).

Saturday: out at my niece's birthday party (Happy 2nd birthday, Natalie!)

Sunday: Leftover Buffet (leftover roast beef and Old-Fashioned Layered Salad from my niece's party - I brought the salad and we got sent home with roast beef! - hummus, barley salad, raw veggies and fresh fruit)

We had lots of fresh fruit to go along with meals this week: cherries, blueberries, pineapple, cantaloupe and strawberries were all on sale!

For lots more great menu ideas, head on over to for Menu Plan Monday!

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