Saturday, July 24, 2010

Yard Sale Report for July 24, 2010

My bargain-hunting thrills didn't have to wait for the weekend this week - it seems to have been the week of "free piles" around here! It started off with several items I hauled home from a free bin at one of last week's yard sales. Then, during the week, my hubby stumbled across two different free piles and brought the following items home to me:

Two storage canisters and half a dozen white candles. I really laughed when I saw the canisters - we've had two *identical* to this for years and years (like somewhere between 15 and 20 years!) and I've always really wished we had another one or two this exact size (of course I'd never quite gotten round to actually doing anything about it, lol). So when they showed up in someone else's free pile I was quite amused! The candles are a bit warped, but that's okay - I'm going to melt them down and use the wax to make fire starters for camping. I think two of them might even be straight enough to use as candles :)

So, onward to this morning's bargains. Similar to last week, there were not all that many sales running in my area, so I only had 3 on my list to check out (there's another one tomorrow that's Sunday-only, so there may well be an update to this post tomorrow.) I ended up finding a few treasures:

-a blank journal for 50 cents (I always pick these up when I see them - I go through a lot of them for jotting down recipe ideas, books to read, decorating notes, etc)

-half a dozen dessert bowls for $1 (that works out to just under 17 cents per bowl)

At the last sale I went to, I ended up hitting the clothing jackpot - a woman selling good quality, barely-worn clothes in my size for super-cheap! That doesn't happen very often, so I gave the pile a good digging through and emerged triumphantly with:

-two cotton T-shirts, 50 cents each


- a long sleeve black T-shirt (really, really nice fabric!) for 50 cents
-a cream stretch denim jacket (super soft and fits me perfectly) for $2

Grand total for the week: $5 for 14 items, or 36 cents per item
(I included the freebies in the item count, with the whole pile of candles as 1 item).

Did you find any great bargains this week?

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