Saturday, July 17, 2010

Yard Sale Report for July 17th, 2010

I ended up with quite the haul this morning, despite the fact that I only went to four yard sales! Two of them were slightly east of me, and two slightly west. This ended up being a good thing, because I had to stop at home and unload my bike after the first two sales so I had space on my bike for more finds.

At my first stop, they had a "free" bin. I just LOVE free bins!! I dug all of these items out of that bin:

A muffin pan (looks like it's never been used), a lightweight silver platter, a Mason jar, a wooden trivet and a Christmas tin. The tin and platter will be used for packaging up Christmas gifts. Obviously, the Mason jar will be added to my canning jar stash. I'll add the trivet to my slowly-growing pile of decent looking ones (replacing the crappy cork ones I've used for years). I have a craft project in mind for the muffin tin.

I also picked up a little something nice for my hubby at this sale for $3 but it's going to be a Christmas gift so I'm not posting it here (yes, I know you read these posts, honey).

 More goodies I picked up:
-basket for 25 cents
-two brand new stainless steel water bottles (you can see they still have the tags on them!) for $2 each
-a salad spinner for 50 cents (I've resisted owning one of these for years because they take up so much space - but they really are the best way to get your salad greens dry!)
-juice jug for 50 cents
-photo album (still in shrink wrap) for $1 - I'm one of those old-fashioned people who still likes a hard copy print of my best photos to put in an album and flip through :)
-I also picked up a really great still-in-the-original-packaging kid-gift for $2 but I'm not posting it here so as not to blow the surprise (it would have cost me about $20 purchased new).

And a couple more things, too:

I was excited to score this really neat pan of mini molds for $2. I've been wanting to make panna cottas and gelatin salads and this will be perfect to make cute little individual-serving sized ones!

Last but not least, I found these nifty tea light holders:

They were so cute I couldn't resist them for $1 each. I think one may go live in my bedroom and the other one may end up in my gift stash.

Grand total for the day: $15.25 for 16 items, or 95 cents per item

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