Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thrift Store Clothes Shopping Extravaganza

I didn't have a chance to go yard sale shopping last weekend as we had family commitments on Saturday morning; there wasn't much going on anyway in the yard sale department as the weather's been so rainy people aren't willing to chance putting their stuff out on the lawn!

Fortunately, we were able to do some serious thrift store shopping this week as Value Village had a 50% off day on Monday and I also hit the Salvation Army thrift store when I was down in that part of the city at the end of last week.

Here is everything we found: 

At the Salvation Army:

 2 pairs of boxer briefs and a pair of boxers for my boys (I know some of you are thinking "ew, second hand *underwear*?!? - don't worry, they still had the original tags on!!)

 A swimsuit for my 13 yr old son

A pair of long shorts for my 11 year old son

A good quality dress shirt for my 13 yr old son

I also got a pair of Reebok spandex exercise shorts for myself that looked like they'd never been worn, apparently I forgot to take a picture of them, though!.

Total spent at Salvation Army: $14.91

At Value Village:

 Two hoodies for my 11 year old son

 Two button-down shirts - short sleeve for the 13 yr old, long sleeve for the 11 yr old

 7 T-shirts - a plain black one for me; the rest for the boys

 3 swimsuits for the boys 

  6 pairs of shorts - 3 for each kid

6 pairs of footwear: sneakers for both boys and hubby (all Reebok/Nike), a pair of sandals for hubby, flip-flops for the 13 yr old, and (most exciting) a pair of black Mary Janes for me - I've been looking for a suitable pair for what seems like forever and these fit my size 9 1/2 feet perfectly and look practically brand new!

Total for Value Village: $87.84

Grand total: $102.75 for 33 items or an average of $3.11 an item. 

Thankfully I think we now all have just about everything we need for spring and summer so we won't have to go clothes shopping again until fall!


  1. Very cool. I do the thrift shop underwear too, as long as it is still in the original package, has the store tags, or still shows the original package creases. Lots of people buy a package, try one pair, don't like them and then send the rest to the thrift store. I do think it's quite funny when people get squeemish about thrift shop things, when they are quite happy to spend the night in an expensive hotel, where dozens of people have slept in the same bed, and sheets are washed and used for the next guests. Is it a better class of germs?? I stopped in to Sally Ann today, got a coral cotton cardigan, two flannelette pillow cases, two still-with-the-sizing bandanas and a Laura Ashley Home feather pillow in new condition for $6.50.


  2. Yes, I agree with you about the hotel thing - people's squeamishness is fairly illogical most of the time I think :) As I always say, once you take it home from the store and take off the package, it's technically "used" (and therefore cheaper) even though it's really still brand new, lol. Sounds like you made a few great finds on your own S.A. expedition!


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