Saturday, May 7, 2011

Yard Sale Report for May 7, 2011

This morning's yard sale adventures looked like they might get off to a rocky start. Although the weather forecast had been calling for a low chance of rain on Saturday all week long, I awoke to find soaking wet roads and a treacherous-looking sky. It wasn't actually raining, but it looked like it could start at any minute! While I'm game for anything less than torrential rain, many yard sale proprietors are easily deterred by the possibility of rain and I was wondering how many of the seven yard sales I had on my list would actually be running.

Since three of the sales were in my neighbourhood and only a few minutes' bike ride away, I felt I didn't have too much to lose by checking them out. They were all up and running, and I picked up 3 books at one of the sales. The first one, "Food that Really Schmecks", although in slightly worn condition, is one that I've been keeping my eye out for during the last several yard sale seasons.It's a classic Mennonite country cookbook and I'm excited to add it to my cookbook shelf. The Red Green book is getting tucked away in my gift cupboard and may just reemerge on Father's Day :) The last book on the top is a journal in pristine condition that's also going in my gift cupboard. I paid $1.50 total for the three books.

I ended up striking out at the next couple of sales, then found 3 more books at another sale (yes, it was apparently "book day" in the yard sale world!). This time they were all kids' books; the Brainteasers and Armchair Detective books are going to be part of this year's "Road Trip Survival Kit" and the book of mazes is going into the gift cupboard and will likely be a stocking stuffer this Christmas. I paid $1.00 total for this second lot of three books.

Grand total for the day: $2.50 for 6 items, or 42 cents an item.

Did you find any great yard sale bargains this weekend?

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