Saturday, May 28, 2011

Yard Sale Report for May 28th, 2011 (40th Birthday Edition)

Yes, it's my 40th birthday today...and I still got out of bed to go yard sale shopping. That's all part of the fun of having your birthday fall on a Saturday, I suppose! And since it's one of my favourite pastimes anyway, what better way to spend the morning on my birthday?

The weather was looking a bit dodgy, but the rain held off and I came home with a pretty big haul of stuff (mostly for myself, which seems fitting since it *is* my birthday and all!)

Here are the goods:

 Half a dozen vintage tins (Dr. Oetker's, Maxwell House and Bailey's), a corkscrew (backup one in case our present one meets the same untimely fate the last one did), a silicon basting brush, and two baskets, all for $5.00. The tins will decorate the open shelves above my kitchen cupboards (while storing less-than-attractive supplies) and the baskets may be used for gift baskets if I don't find another use for them around the house.
 Next up: a dragonfly journal for 50 cents (I keep a stash of journals in my gift cupboard, but this one's for my own personal use!), 3 Christmas tins, a basket, and a Fossil watch with gift tin for $1.25! I really needed a dress watch so this was a perfect find for my birthday. The tins and basket will go in my gift wrapping stash.

I got all of the above items at the same yard sale: a cat-shaped tin (that will be perfect for "wrapping" one of my niece's birthday gifts!), a wide-tooth comb still in the original packaging (for my son, so he can stop stealing mine!), a still-in-the-shrink-wrap box of stationery, a Pyrex dish that's the perfect size for my toaster oven, a makeup bag and three pairs of earrings (one with matching necklace!). I paid $2.50 for the lot!

Grand total for the day: $9.25 for 25 items, or 37 cents an item!!

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