Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Announcing....My First GIVEAWAY!

As promised on Friday's post, today is the day you can officially enter my first giveaway. This giveaway is kindly being sponsored by CSN Stores, who have over 200 online stores where you can find almost anything you need whether it be a new blender, a sofa, a barbecue, or a kitchen faucet. They have kindly donated a $40 gift certificate to use at any of their online stores. Of course, I know if I was the winner I'd head right on over to cookware.com and replace some of my ailing kitchen equipment!

For a chance to win this gift certificate, all you need to do is leave a comment telling me what piece of kitchen equipment you just couldn't live without. Please leave your email address if it's not linked to Blogger, so I know how to contact you if you're the lucky winner!

You have up until Saturday at 9 PM Eastern to enter. I'll pick the winner using a random number generator.

Good luck!


  1. I can't live without my microwave!

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  2. There are several items I'd hate to live without, but since I can pick only one, I'll choose my timer. No clock watching for me!!!


  3. Hi,

    I couldn't live without my bread machine. It makes my life so much easier.



  4. I think my most-loved piece of kitchen equipment would be my slow-cooker. It has really helped me cook frugally because it can be used for preparing inexpensive meals (baked beans, yummy roasts from inexpensive cuts of meat, homemade stews/soups, etc) and doesn't heat up my kitchen in the summer the way using my oven/stovetop would. I also really like the "fix it and forget it" aspect...I just get everything prepped, let it do its thing while I go about my day and dinner is STILL ready on time! :)

  5. I couldn't live without my cast iron skillet. That's for sure! I use it almost daily, stove-top and for cooking inside the oven.
    oldsockfarm {[at]} gmail {[d0t]} com

  6. I also could not live without my slow cooker. I use it every night when I prepare my family's steel-cut oats for slow-cooking overnight. In the morning, the warm and creamy oatmeal is waiting for us all.

  7. I can't live without my comal. It heats up my tortillas so nicely :)

  8. Well, of course, there is little in my kitchen that I couldn't live without besides safe food. But I feel as though I couldn't live without my electric tea kettle. I love a fresh pot of tea in the afternoon, and now it is so easy.
    thevanandthecart ((att)) gmail ((d0tt)) com

  9. I couldn't live without my stand mixer! With 4 teenage boys I am always using it to make bread, buns etc...

  10. I couldn't live without my coffee maker (lol).


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