Saturday, June 5, 2010

Yard Sale Report for June 5, 2010

 I thought I was going to get to sleep in this week - a violent thunderstorm started last evening, and the forecast showed more rain for today. Imagine my surprise when I woke up to sunshine streaming into my bedroom! Of course, I no longer had any excuse not to head out on my usual Saturday morning rounds, so off I went.

I hit 5 yard sales in total. I was disappointed to discover that the street sale that had been advertised (in an area where I usually find great stuff) was cancelled. Hopefully they'll run it next weekend! I also ended up with a flat tire on my bike and had to walk home about two kilometres. At least it wasn't raining :)

After all that, I only ended up buying two items; rather ironically they were at the sale that was just around the corner from my house.The book on the left (Animals of Lakes and Rivers) is hardcover and in brand-new condition. It's actually a book of six 24-piece jigsaw puzzles, each one featuring a separate animal. On the page facing the puzzle are lots of interesting facts about the animal. There are a few young children in my life who I think would love this; I'm tucking it into my gift cupboard. The second book on kite-making I'm giving to my boys; I figure it will provide some useful summer-project activity for them! I paid $1.75 in total for these two items.

Grand total for the day: $1.75 for 2 items, or 87.5 cents per item.

I wanted to give one final reminder about the giveaway I'm holding for a $40 gift certificate at CSN Stores (which can be used at any of their 200+ online stores). The deadline for entry is tonight at 9 PM Eastern. Someone's going to win - it might as well be you! Go here to submit your entry.

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