Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekly Menu Retrospective #1

 This will be my first post of what will (hopefully) be a regular report of the previous week's eats. I prefer to report what we ate in the past week, rather than what we're planning to eat in the coming week. Why? The reason is pretty simple: although I usually have a general idea of what we're going to eat in the next week or so, life often unfolds a little differently than planned, and I adjust my menu plan on a near-daily basis to accommodate leftovers and other not-possible-to-plan-ahead circumstances. I find this is the easiest way to ensure that I minimize our family's food waste. I'm also willing to admit that I'm a rather spontaneous cook, given to preparing foods that strike me as the most appealing thing to eat right here and now!

What we ate in the past week:

Breakfasts: zucchini-pineapple muffins, chocolate zucchini muffins*, bagels with cream cheese (bagels were on sale for *4* packages for $5), peanut butter toast, pancakes

Lunches: mostly tossed green salads as we needed to use up all the bolting greens in the garden! I fortify these lunch salads with little bits of whatever protein foods we have hanging around (this week it was cheddar cheese and sunflower seeds) I topped mine off with chopped avocado to help use up the bag of five I bought on sale for $2.49.


Monday: sliced leftover sausage, leftover green bean, potato and barley salads

Tuesday: Vegetable Johnnycakes* with sour cream and rhubarb chutney, tossed green salad (using greens from the garden), vanilla ice cream with strawberry-rhubarb sauce

Wednesday: Baked Pasta*, sliced raw veggies

Thursday: Barbecued Pork Chops, oven fries, and creamy cucumber salad

Friday: leftover Baked Pasta

Saturday: Baked Frittata Squares* (using spinach from the garden), sliced raw veggies

Sunday: Pulled Pork sandwiches* on homemade rolls (using Whole Wheat Refrigerator Dough), Colourful Cabbage Salad (with a bunch of fresh herbs from the garden), chocolate peanut butter brownies

*these recipes will be coming to the blog soon!

This post is linked to Menu Plan Monday.

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