Friday, June 25, 2010

Food Waste Friday: I Really Fell Off the Wagon

 This was not a good week in food-waste land at my house. I ended up wasting an entire bunch of broccoli (which, although it doesn't look all that bad in the picture, trust me, you wouldn't want to eat it!) It had gotten buried at the back of the crisper and forgotten about. There have been a lot of good sales on veggies lately, and I was a bit over zealous in my purchasing, forgetting how many greens I had in my garden that were going to need using up (they're starting to bolt).

The second victim was a bit of honey-orange breakfast polenta, which was a recipe experiment of mine. I thought it was not too bad but no-one else in my family liked it, and after eating it for a few days myself I let the tail end linger in the fridge too long.

I also wasted a couple of handfuls of sweet cherries (not pictured) that started to spoil faster than I expected (maybe that's why they were on sale for so cheap!) I did manage to salvage most of the bag.

To see how others made out in the food waste department this week, head on over to The Frugal Girl.


  1. Oh man...I sympathize. It's easy to go crazy buying healthy veggies/fruit at the store.

  2. I LOVE broccoli, but have been known to waste it before myself by just forgetting about it! One suggestion I have that I did this week (with success!) is to cut it all up into bite-sized pieces and put it in a container in your fridge that way. Then you are ready to use it (we usually just steam ours because we are boring) and it also gets out of the plastic bag which will make it go bad faster!
    Also, broccoli is cheap (at least for us!) so it isn't a huge loss monetarily at least :)


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