Monday, May 17, 2010

A Belated Yard Sale Report for May 15, 2010

So...I'm a couple days late with my weekly yard sale report, which I normally post on Saturday. This week we had our own yard sale, and I totally underestimated how exhausted I would be at the end of that production! We ended up making about $100 and the kids made about $10 on their stuff. This was less than we had expected, so we were a bit disappointed. Still, we did make some money and the house is a lot cleaner!

What sold well:
-baked goods (we made 2 kinds of muffins and chocolate peanut butter brownies)
-plants (I had mint, chives, hollyhocks and some houseplants)

I was surprised at the stuff that DIDN'T sell. We had a lot of great kids stuff on offer, and the items that did get purchased barely made a dent in the pile. The post-yard-sale cleanup took a lot of work. There were a LOT of boxes of stuff to pack up. I offered some it on freecycle, my husband took a van load full up to Value Village, and I have a few items I'm going to post on Kijiji. I also have a couple of boxes of books to take over to our local used bookstore.

A gentleman from our neighbourhood offered to swap a computer desk for some plants out of his garden. Since no one had really given the desk a second glance all morning, I figured I might as well. So I have a bunch of new perennials in my back yard, and a big piece of furniture out of the house.

I left my husband holding down the fort at our yard sale for a while so I could make a quick stop at a church rummage sale and another yard sale nearby. I only ended up purchasing one item (another holistic health book for 50 cents).

I'm glad to be finished with the housewide decluttering project - now maybe I can finally get started on that mending pile!

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