Friday, May 7, 2010

Food Waste Friday: SO Close!

I thought this was going to be the week that I had no food waste to report, but, alas, one little item snuck past my radar. About two mouthfuls' worth of my Cucumber and Bean Salad went kaput. My 10 year old son had saved this from a meal, insisting he was going to eat it later. I did remind him about it a couple of times, then we both forgot about it. So, I was very, very close to a zero waste week, but didn't quite make it! Swing on over to The Frugal Girl if you want to see how others did in the food waste department this week.

This week's food waste prevention tip is another one for keeping the nasty little bugs away from your precious food! If you add a bay leaf to each of your storage containers (e.g. jars of dried beans and grains) it acts as a natural pest deterrent.

I didn't blog a lot this week as my dad was in the hospital for major heart surgery and I've been running back and forth to the hospital checking in on him (he is doing quite well). I did write about our $75 Deck Makeover if you need some inspiration for sprucing up an outdoor space on a small budget. Check back in tomorrow for my weekly Yard Sale Report (last week's is here if you missed it!) I'm heading off to a rummage sale this morning, and plan to attend at least two sales tomorrow, so I should get in plenty of good "treasure hunting"!

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