Friday, May 21, 2010

Food Waste Friday: The Avocado Got Me!

Last week's zero waste victory proved to be short lived. The very next day I went to cut up an avocado I thought was just fine, only to discover that it was well on its way to the dark side. I managed to salvage about 1/3 of it, the rest ended up in the compost. That was the only thing I wasted all week.

To see how others fared with their food waste, head on over to The Frugal Girl.

If this is your first stop by Abundance on a Dime this week, you might want to check out my recent post on How to Make Yogurt without a Yogurt Maker, Heating Pad or Crockpot. And be sure to stop by tomorrow for my weekly Yard Sale Report. It's a long weekend here in Canada, but there are still a few sales running so I hope to do some serious treasure hunting!


  1. Avacados are tricky, it is rare I get one that is perfectly ripe without bad spots. My compost pile loves the scraps though. Just makes me mad that I spent 90 cents on a particially good avacado though.

  2. I got a bag of 5 avocados on sale for $2.50, so at least it's only 50 cents per avocado, lol. I still hate wasting them, and I'm doing a lot better with them than I used to, but I definitely do find them tricky to catch at the perfect ripeness!


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