Friday, January 6, 2012

15 of My Favourite Posts from 2011 That You Might Have Missed

I've had a lot of new readers join me over the past few months, so I thought I'd take a minute to highlight what I feel are some of my most useful posts from 2011 so you can catch up on anything interesting you may have missed! As I took a look back on the year, I discovered several posts that even *I'd* forgotten that I'd written, so even my most loyal readers may find something here that they didn't catch the first time around :)

Why It's Worth It to Bake Your Own Bread

How to Make Your Own Menstrual Pads in 5 Minutes

5 Ways Decluttering Saves You Money

Beat the End-of Winter-Blahs with a Do-It-Yourself Spa Night

Energy Medicine: Frugal and "Green" Self Health Care

5 Ways to Save Money on Fruits and Vegetables

Six Natural and Cheap Ways to Freshen Up Your Home

A RE-USE IT PROJECT: Hockey Stick Muskoka Chair

Fresh, Local Food for Free: Starting a Produce Cooperative

My Successful Soapnuts Experiment

Five Ways Having Money Can Save You Money

Clean, Green - and Cheap?!?

The (Sorta) Secret Second Lives of My Stuff

Make Your Own All-Natural Lip Balm for Less Than 25 Cents a Tin

Happy Reading!!

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